What is The Trinity Code?

Steve Clayton

Steve Clayton

The Trinity Code is an information product from authors Steve Clayton, Tim Godfrey and Aidan Booth. These guys have created some of the best Internet Marketing products of recent years. Yes, I know everyone says that about everything, but in this case it’s actually true. The products are well produced, entertaining (no boring waffle) and have actionable strategies that actually work.

So what’s the strategy in¬†The Trinity Code?

The strategy in The Trinity Code is based around creating interlinking networks of offer based websites. How exactly it works we currently don’t know, but Tim claims to have made over $500,000 in five years in one niche with this strategy. And all on auto-pilot. The claim is that these are set-it-and-forget-it sites that don’t rely on search engine traffic. Sounds very interesting indeed…

What else?

Well, there’s also a software product being lined up to accompany the training. The software will serve as a one-stop dashboard where you can ¬†organise, manage and prioritise what they are calling “traffic opportunities”. A traffic automation and management solution. Sounds interesting and we’re still waiting on more details.

Sounds interesting…

It does indeed. Steve, Tim and Aidan are also promising their personal help to anyone who signs up – forever until that person “succeeds”. A brave offer indeed.

That’s all the info we have for the moment. Stay tuned for all breaking news as it happens.

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